Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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It's the common policy of all child sponsorship programs not to allow sponsors to invite or actually coordinate for sponsored children to visit them in their home country and we are no exception.

Although Sponsors are not allowed to send invitations to sponsored children, Sponsors may inquire with the child if he or she would be interested in coming for a visit. Just be sure that you procure the invitation through the national sports federation for your child's sport. Visitations secured through Federations do not violate our policies. We have no jurisdiction over any visitations based on invitations by a sports federation.

1. FIG Discipline Gymnasts:

We note that USA Gymnastics, along with most national gymnastics federations, have policies which permit cultural-exchange visits for gymnastics activities when approved by the Federation. If you sponsored child is a gymnast, you may be able to arrange for your sponsored child to visit your home country if you secure an invitation through your country's national gymnastics federation.

USA: USA Gymnastics does have the authority per FIG Statutes to submit invitations to foreign federations for athletes to visit and train/compete. If you wish your sponsored gymnast to visit and to engage in gymnastics activities, you may contact your local USA Gymnastics Club. If the Club agrees to facilitate a visit, they will work with USA Gymnastics to procure an invitation for the child to visit. A Gymnastics Club will probably only facilitate a visit if you are affiliated with the Club. USA Gymnastics clubs do on occasion procure invitations for gymnasts to come and visit the United States for training and competitions.

USA Gymnastics Member Clubs: Please review pages 61-62 of this document from USA Gymnastics for all rules governing Cultural Exchanges.

Outside the USA: The process is the same as in the USA, except you must go through the national gymnastics federation in your country to secure an invitation.

We anticipate Federations won't consider any requests for an invitation unless they originate from a gymnastics club/school that is a member of the Federation.

2. Cheerleaders:

Please note that we cooperate with IFC Federations and all cheerleaders in our program are part of the IFC Federation. USA Cheerleading Clubs such as USASF are affiliated with ICU. We do not anticipate USASF or USA Cheer will assist with visitation requests since they don't communicate with IFC Federations. We are exploring avenues for sponsored cheerleaders to visit sponsors in the USA and will likely outsource the responsibility for coordinating visits with a third-party. If you are outside the USA, the visitation must be coordinated by the national IFC federation of your country and of the country your sponsored child resides in.

3. Dancers:

At the moment, there is no way to invite dancers to travel to your home country. However, we are researching options for allowing visitations.

Notes: GCDF has not adopted a policy for invitations of sponsored children to come to a sponsor's home country. This is the normal practice of child sponsorship programs. However, we are researching options for allowing visitations in the near future.

Sponsors may not invite their sponsored children to come to their home country or any other place and we will not pass letters to children with an invitation. All participating children and members of the family in the program are instructed strictly to reject such invitations and report them to their Federation. Submitting an invitation is a serious violation of our policies.