Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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All sponsors and donors should respect the privacy and security of all the sponsored children who are a part of the GCDF child sponsorship program. It’s our duty to protect the children and when you follow our guidelines, written below, you help us in keeping these children safe and sound.

Don’t share personal details of your sponsored child online

You shouldn’t post the last name or ID number of your sponsored child on social media websites or anywhere on the internet for that matter. This is done to protect the privacy and security of the sponsored child.

Albeit, we encourage you to share the news online that you’re sponsoring a child. You can also share your sponsored child’s photo and video if you want to show your generosity. However, the video you share should not contain the last name or any other identifying details of the sponsored child.

Don’t contact directly via social media

In order to become eligible for the GCDF child sponsorship program, it is obligatory that both the parties (the sponsor and the sponsored children and families) agree that they won’t engage in any unauthorized contact outside the GCDF program.

We fully commit to protecting the privacy, security, and dignity of the children associated with GCDF. Their identity is not disclosed in order to keep them safe and secure from any potential abuse, whether physical or emotional. This can arise from any inappropriate contact by any person. This is why we monitor all correspondences.

We do not permit contact through social media or the internet, such as Facebook, Skype, or Instant Messaging in order to safeguard the children.

We review all correspondences

GCDF reads all the letters exchanged between the sponsors and the sponsored children in order to protect anyone associated with our organization. This is done to ensure that people don’t intimidate children, jeopardize their lives, or try to develop inappropriate relationships.

In many nations where GCDF operates, religious expression is limited. Therefore, we scrutinize the exchanged letters in order to ensure that no one, whether the child or their family, is put into peril. Additionally, we review letters received by sponsors so as to make sure they don’t receive any inapt solicitation of funds from the families of sponsored children.