Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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Child sponsorship helps a needy child. It raises funds by connecting a donor or sponsor with a specific child beneficiary. The sponsor gets regular updates from the child beneficiary, which is generally through translated letters and photos. This creates a personal relationship between the sponsor and the child. The donated funds are not directly spent on the sponsored child; instead, it is combined with other contributions in order to fund different areas in a child’s life.

Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance Foundation (GCDF) offers sponsorship to underprivileged children around the globe in order to fulfill their dreams in the field of gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance arts. Our organization works on a child sponsorship model wherein a family residing in a developed country, like America, selects a child from any developing nation. This child is given the sponsorship to make his/her dreams come true and enhance their talents in dance arts, cheerleading, or gymnastics.

This is a lifetime opportunity for deprived kids who can’t accomplish their dreams just because they don’t have adequate funds for it. GCDF helps such children via its sponsorship program. Not only students get to learn gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance arts, they also gather other necessary skills and values required in one’s life, such as a strong personality, discipline, teamwork, confidence, generosity, sacrifice, hard work, etc.

This sports and dance sponsorship motivates kids to set up goals in their life and take efforts to achieve these goals. Additionally, sports and dance teach students the value of practice and preparation and how to handle success or failure in life with sportsmanship.

GCDF allows the sponsored child to contact their sponsor via emails, video messages, and letters. This way the sponsor and the child form a pen-pal relationship. GCDF child sponsorship is more attractive than other conventional models of fundraising since the sponsor gets a personal feedback from the child itself and experiences the perks of child sponsorship with a new relationship. Moreover, child sponsorship via GCDF is more appealing for the fact that it’s completely indiscreet about its sponsorship; the sponsor knows what is happening with their donated money directly from the sponsored child.

GCDF currently operates in Egypt, India, Belarus, Ukraine, Kosovo, South Africa, and Moldova. Apart from individual sponsors, we are also associated with sports and performing arts schools in the above-mentioned nations. The schools help us in expanding our reach to poor children and connecting them with their sponsors.