Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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English Language Class in Elementary School in Ukraine

Along with private clubs, our program works with public educational institutions. In Eastern Europe, most children in our program are training in Sports Schools, most of which are public educational institutions. As part of the program, several schools (through coordination with regular schools within their school district) notified us they intend to take advantage of our program to develop their students’ skillsThey find our program highly beneficial as it helps students practice their English skills, engage in various enrichment activities and learn about your country.  

Opportunity To Learn English

Although most children have English language in their regular class schedule and start to learn the language right from first grade, our program helps even more. Since the students do not have the opportunity to communicate with native English speaking people, our program helps them to hone their English speaking skills.

The sponsored child may ask you several questions in English about your routine life in your country. Your answers which are sent to the child as part of his or her school assignments will not be translated into the native language of the child. Instead the child will try to understand the response with the assistance of his or her English teacher. So we recommend you use easy to understand vocabulary instead of advanced vocabulary which the child will find difficult to follow. Alternatively, the child may also send videos instead of letters.

We strongly recommend that you allot some time and effort towards responding to the messages from your sponsored child. Your response can do great wonders to the child’s self-esteem and educational development too.

Sports Schools

In the eastern european countries we work in, most children participating in our program attend Sports Schools*. Sports Schools are government funded educational institutions that focus on sports education. 95% of Sports Schools are public, government-owned schools that are part of a municipality's educational district. Students typically attend their regular school (learning all major subjects such as Science, History, Math, English Language), then at the end of the day travel to their Sports School for training. Sometimes, the Sports School and Regular School are in the same complex. Each Sports School focuses on a small range of sports. For example, there are Sports Schools just for Artistic Gymnastics. To benefit the educational growth and development of the students, many sports schools coordinate with the regular school of the students to use our program.

How US schools differ from East European Sports Schools

The competitions in gymnastics and cheerleading these Sports Schools participate in are quite different than those of Middle and High Schools in the USA. Most U.S. schools compete in a league between schools in their State, separate from USA Gymnastics or USASF leagues. Sports Schools, however, are affiliated with their country's national sports federation and compete in the league of the Federation which includes their private clubs. Students in Sports Schools also spend more time training than in USA schools. In their schools, their competitions and training are more difficult than those held in a USA School; it's more comparable to the Junior Olympic Program in USA Gymnastics.

* Ukraine Cheerleading is only in private clubs at the moment and not in sports schools. However, Cheerleaders do go to school and can benefit in the same ways as sports school children.