Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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To all invited guests along with their respective representatives:

Our organization will accept proposals of interest up to May 1. Afterward, we will convene a board meeting to discuss and vote. We may propose cooperation with multiple artists.

A few clarification points based on questions:

  1. Although the charity we merge into should be incorporated in a State which will permit conversions into a foreign jurisdiction, it does not have to be headquartered there. No physical presence is required in the State which the Charity is incorporated. Artists located in California or any other location are not disqualified. For example:

    A. An artist in the UK may form a charity in England that is incorporated in Minnesota. They only have to register the charity as a foreign corporation with the Companies House. The Charity Commission for England/Wales will still consider it for charitable status and gift aid provided it keeps most of its assets in England/Wales or the majority of the Board are residents of England/Wales.

    B. An artist in California or New York merely needs to register the Minnesota charity with their home state's Secretary of State by seeking foreign qualification to conduct business there.

Those that are concerned about converting the charity to an IGO (as mentioned in point 3 in our previous article), please keep in mind that the conversion is not mandatory for the success of the program. At most, it won't be able to cooperate in certain countries, particularly with their public institutions. However, given our goal is to support children in both public and private sports and dance facilities, we will prioritize offers of support by artists that are OK with the eventual conversion to IGO status of the nonprofit.

Please continue to reach out to us with any questions!

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