Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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501c(3) Charity Status


To all visitors of our website. Thank you for your visit!

We are presently a registered 501c(3) charitable organization. However, at this stage, our nonprofit intends to merge into a new nonprofit entity which we will form. This is due to substantial changes in our mission over the course of 5 years.

Questions have been asked about our willingness under the new nonprofit entity to apply for charitable status with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We were originally established to work as a sports charity, then later expanded to cover dance arts. In order to begin activities in Belarus and to be taken for serious consideration in other countries, we concluded we won't be able to operate as a U.S. charitable organization. We will need to become what is known as an IGO, or "intergovernmental organization". We would be a small IGO purposed for the development of children through various programs in sports, arts, and possibly religious in nature.

So we disclose upfront that our new nonprofit will not apply to be a 501c(3). We will be nonprofit nonetheless and operate as a 501c(4). Assuming we have a successful start over the course of a year or two, as agreed by various governments, we will convert to an IGO, allowing us to work worldwide. Our charity's activities in some countries are permitted solely on the agreement of eventual IGO conversion as these countries don't trust U.S. organizations and won't allow a U.S. charity to legally operate in their country. Additionally, if we convert to an IGO, we will lose 501c(3) status automatically under IRS regulations.

That being said, typically IGO's rely on existing U.S. charities to accept tax-deductible contributions to ultimately provide to the IGO in the form of a grant. UNICEF, an IGO created by the UN, is also not a 501c(3), but UNICEF USA is a 501c(3) which raises money on behalf of UNICEF. We anticipate similar U.S. nonprofits will come to establish themselves to raise funds on our behalf with full tax-exemption benefits. Christian charitable organizations may make donations to our nonprofit along with various sports charities.

So ultimately, it will be possible to make tax-deductible donations to our nonprofit. Such donations will just be handled via third-party charities or donor-advised funds established by trusts accepting public donations.

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