Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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Board of Directors and Officers

Kaylie Hegwood
Junior Director
Natalia Seleznova
Alan Owen
Daria Kloptsova
Alyona Vasilyeva
Nicole Braley

Daria Kloptsova -

Daria has brought her strong background as a former gymnast from the Ukraine national team to Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance Foundation (GCDF). Daria joined us in 2017 for a 4-year term. She has been the champion of the 2012 and a two-time silver medalist at the 2013 Blanc-Mesnil Competition in France. She also won the silver medal in the Floor Exercise final at the 2013 Ukraine Championship. GCDF had the honor to support Daria to move to Biddeford Maine in the United States to begin training at Maine Academy of Gymnastics as a member of the Ukraine team and the American Flyers team. Sadly she suffered a serious shoulder injury and had to retire from gymnastics, however, she is now on board with GCDF to help underprivileged children pursue their dream in dance arts, gymnastics and cheerleading. She has returned home to work as a Gymnastics Coach in Kiev, Ukraine.

Natalia Seleznova -

Natalia, mother of Alona Seleznova, a retired gymnast, is a treasured addition to GCDF board of directors. She ushers in a promising diversity to our team with her knowledge about parenting an athlete.

Natalia is with GCDF on a four year term since 2017. Her personal experience is a driving force in building a robust association with parents of athletes that are ready to sponsor underprivileged children with similar dreams.

Alona Vasilyeva -

Alona has been a part of our team since 2017 and is on a four year term. She is a former member of the national team for Ukraine in Artistic Gymnastics. She has several senior titles won during Mikhail Voronin Memorial tournament in 2013 for All Around and in Uneven Bars final. She also won a silver medal in Vault final. Her medals tally includes two Gold medals and two silver medals at the 2013 Ukraine Championship.

After a serious injury she quit gymnastics and pursued studies at a University in Ukraine. She helps hone GCDF programs with her expertise in gymnastics. She inspires and motivates parents willing to turn into sponsors and also motivates kids who aim to build a career in cheerleading, gymnastics and dance arts. Alona is at present working as Gymnastics Coach in Kiev, Ukraine.

Kaylie Hegwood -

A native of Davenport, Iowa, Kaylie joined GCDF in 2018 as a Youth Director. Being selected unanimously to the post by the board of directors, she is a vibrant presence on board with the knack of understanding the need and dreams of younger age group that GCDF desires to provide assistance. Kaylie’s focus is on ensuring cultural relevance and better representation of present day youth at GCDF.

Kaylie was a cheerleader since she was 11 years old. She is a versatile and dynamic athlete with strong experience in sports including swimming, volleyball and track.

Charles Alan Owen -

Charles Alan Owen, fondly called as Alan, is the founder of Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance Foundation (GCDF) which was launched in 2014. Alan is the former president of GCDF, named earlier as Ukraine Gymnastics and is now one of the directors of the Foundation. Alan moved to Ukraine to study at the National University of Physical Culture and Sport of Ukraine. While attending university, Alan also worked with gymnasts of the Ukraine National Team as a webmaster.

Alan incorporated GCDF originally to focus solely on Ukraine talent but later repurposed the non-profit foundation in 2015. He intended to support underprivileged children’s development via a diverse range of dance arts and additional sports in various countries worldwide. Alan is at present residing in his hometown Topsham in Maine, USA.



President - Vacant

We are in the process of choosing a deserving candidate to the post of President of GCDF.

Nicole Braley - Secretary and Treasurer. Topsham, Maine, USA

Financial Accountability

Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance Foundation (GCDF) incorporated in 2014 and started operating in 2018. Being a fresh non-profit organization, we currently do not have a past track of financial records. Therefore, we have not published any Annual Report or Financial Statement till date, considering we have not completed a whole year of formal operations.

We consistently and relentlessly pursue in maintaining minimal overheads. We maintain solid contracts with various Federations and schools involved in Dance and Sports ensuring we retain 10% of the entire revenue of GCDF towards meeting expenses related to fundraising measures and administrative overheads.

Revenue to Sports Schools -

The 90% of the total revenue raised for sports school goes to different Sports Federations or other local non-profit chosen by the Sports Federation.*  This organization is the financial representative for our revenues in the particular country. Our grants authorize the financial representative to use maximum 10% of revenue to deal with overheads, for managing grant money usage, and achieving grant objectives.

We, along with the financial representative, use a maximum of 20% of the revenue to cover the overhead cost as compared to most non-profits using 37% on an average. The financial representative is required to hire employees to supervise the correct utilization of the grant money by local schools and to serve as a translator for letters/emails/video messages between sponsors and sponsored children.

Our grants authorize the national sports federations to keep a maximum of 5% of the revenue for the assistance of the national team. They can also utilize this 5% for the combined projects on which GCDF and the federation agreed upon for further development of the sport. In the end, minimum 75% of the overall revenues got the gyms or boosters clubs** allowing athletes the enjoy the benefits.

Revenue to Dance Schools - The remaining 90% of revenue raised for dance schools is distributed directly to the schools.*

On year-end, every school and federation are required to submit complete records to GCDF about the use and distribution of the grant money. GCDF practices open book policy meeting with expenditure liability requirements of the IRS. This allows us time to review records of the receivers of the grant personally.

Assuming our annual income for the year 2018 will exceed $250,000, we are aimed at publishing year auditor’s report starting for the year 2018, in addition to the publishing of yearly 990 reports online to exhibit our financial accountability against overall revenues through donations.

Tax-Exempt Determination Letter

State of Maine - Charitable Solicitations License

W-9 Form

* In some countries, GCDF has its branch with own staff for handling translations and distributing funds directly to schools. The Sports Federations in these countries does not wishes to be included in our program, however, they authorize GCDF to work with clubs and sports schools.

**IRS regulations necessitate that grants from our organization can only be used in the same manner as if the recipient is in the US. This means, similar to the US, foreign sports and dance clubs can only receive money from the grant if they are also registered as a nonprofit organization. Otherwise, the financial representative makes sure to expend the fund to pay for the exhibition competition fees, trainer registration fees, sportswear, travel costs and other expenses of the athlete/dancers and coaches. (similar to how a USA Boosters Club operates.)


Governance Documents

Our organization adheres to a well-defined governance model and is guided by the following documents:

Conflict of Interest Policy
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Charter of Corporation
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Subpoena Policy
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Compensation Policy
(101.1 KB)
Whistleblower Policy
(40.1 KB)
Board Diversity Policy
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