Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

Empowering young minds to achieve their dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance

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Welcome to Gymnastics Cheerleading and Dance Foundation (GCDF)

The Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Dance Foundation, is passionate about sports and arts in children. We focus specifically on children who have talent but little access to funds.

Sports and arts are the cornerstones of character development, team building, as well as for developing confidence and character in children. We focus on sponsorship for children who come from underdeveloped countries who have had to deal with real hardships in their lives.

How We Work

GCDF connects the Sponsor and the Child, facilitating a credible relationship between all stakeholders. The main focus of this type of sponsorship is on the child from an underdeveloped country.

Within this, a family from any developed country, like America, assists the child from an underdeveloped/developing nation in order to sponsor the dream of a child for learning dance arts, cheerleading, or gymnastics.

For instance, ‘Jane,’ a dancer becomes interested to sponsor, (via her parents) ‘Lulu,’ also a dancer from South Africa. Lulu lives in a shanty town and goes to a school where there are no toilets and sometimes not even a desk.

The one thing that ‘Lulu’ looks forward to is her dance lessons after school, where the instructor teaches her and other underprivileged children 4x a week.

Lulu’s instructor sees the potential in Lulu, but with limited funds, has very little access to proper Dance schools where Lulu can eventually become a competent dancer. Jane is the same age as Lulu, 8 years old, and from the USA. She is privileged but would like to know more about Lulu and her culture.

Under the watchful eye of her parents, Jane communicates with Lulu via letters, emails, and video messages. Lulu with the help of her instructor does the same and the children learn from each other and form a pen-pal relationship with a person who has the same ambitions in life.

With sports and dance arts, both the students learn discipline, setting up goals and then taking steps to achieve them, the significance of sacrifice and hard work, the value of practice and preparation, and how to manage success and failures in life.

The advantage of GCDF sponsorship works both ways. The child offering the sponsorship makes a new friend, learns about the life of their new friend, and gets to experience a whole new world. On the other hand, the sponsored child gets the funding to fulfill his/her dreams in sports or arts without any hindrances. Both the children get an opportunity to embrace the selfless act of giving.

Sponsoring a child is as low as $35 per month.

You can register online for as little as $35 per month and become a sponsor of a child through GCDF. You can pay via a check or credit card. However, we only accept checks of over $100 sponsorship.

This revenue will go to the school or to local volunteers who will administer the funds. We also encourage gyms, sports facilities, and dance schools to become sponsors for underprivileged children who crave to learn gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance arts.

All correspondence will be reviewed by us to ensure appropriateness.

So, hurry up and register yourself as a sponsor today to see a deprived child fulfill his/her dreams in gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance arts! It’s a great opportunity for just $35/month.